5 NGOs working for the poor in Mumbai

MUMBAI is frequently referred to as the business, financial as well as entertainment capital of India. Although it’s home to the richest people in the world but it also has the highest percentage of slum dwellers of all cities that are metropolis in the country. As per the census in 2011 that 42 percent of Mumbai’s population live in the slums. In the past, NGOs within Mumbai have played a significant role in addressing a variety of issues and finding solutions to the same. Human trafficking, extreme poverty and exploitation of sexual workers, child labor and sanitation issues, as well as access to clean drinking water, and environmental degradation are just a few of the problems that the city is facing.

Numerous non-governmental organizations located in Mumbai also extend their work beyond “Maximum City” and in the State of Maharashtra. If you’re looking for an NGO located in Mumbai to support Here is a the list of Mumbai-based organizations working hard in the field.

1. Prerana

2 Catalysts for social action

3 Human Capital for third sector

4 Concern India Foundation

5 Light of Life Trust

6 Khaana Chahiye Foundation

7 Sparsh Charitable Trust

8 Swadesh Foundation

9 Dignity Foundation

10 Apnalaya

1. Prerana

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, more rescue efforts for human trafficking victims were conducted in Maharashtra most notably in Mumbai more than any other state between 2017 and 2019. These were carried out with the assistance of non-governmental organizations in Mumbai. Prerna is one of these that helps to rescue as well as protect and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking across Mumbai and beyond.

The NGO Prerana in Mumbai operates an Anti-Human Trafficking (AHT) campaign which has been deemed among the top effective ways to combat the problem. Prerana is also working with UNICEF to stop the trafficking of children. It was the first company to implement and introduce its own Home Investigation Report System to identify areas of re-trafficking that are suspected. Other programs include children’s residential care and a centre for anti-trafficking, and the provision of vocational training to human trafficking victims.


2. Catalysts for Social Action

This non-profit organization situated in Mumbai believes in building a nation that ensures children who require security and care are raised to become productive, happy citizens as their goal. Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) has worked with institutions to improve and increase services given to children.

CSA strives to improve children’s adoption. It also assists adoptive parents as well as children and strives to ensure higher standards for childcare facilities for areas such as hygiene, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation. It’s also an important advocacy organization that works closely with the government on policies that affect childcare and the implementation of those policies. For more than 20 years, CSA have made an impact on the lives of over 20,000 children.

3. Human Capital for Third Sector (Katalyst India)

The organization was founded at Mumbai in 2007 to help liberate women to pursue academic excellence, the Katalyst has made quite a ways and has chapters across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. The NGO located in Mumbai prepares young women to take on leadership roles and creates a larger potential talent pool to support India Inc and helping bridge the gender gap.

Katalyst accomplishes its goals with different interventions, such as an exclusive 600-hour research-based curriculum, one-on-one tutoring and medical insurance for the girl and her mother, assistance in completing internships, exposure to the industry and interactions with corporate partners.

Katalyst is an initiative by Third Sector Partners, an executive search firm that is exclusively focused on the environmental, social and corporate sustainability fields. The parent company is Human Capital for Third Sector (HCTS).

4. Concern India Foundation

This Mumbai NGO provides financial and non-financial assistance to grassroots NGOs in education, health, and community development. The NGO has a team that helps identify the best NGOs and strengthens their systems. Each programme is regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure that funds are being used according to plan.

The Concern India Foundation’s initiatives have made a positive impact on the lives of youth, women, the disabled, aged, and rural communities in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It prevents child labor and child marriages, provides permanent solutions to water supply and conservation, and improves quality of life. It worked alongside several NGOs in the field during Covid-19.

5. Light of Life Trust

The organisation was founded in 2002 and its vision is to improve the lives of the poor. It supports single parents, orphans, youth, and women from rural India through various projects that support their holistic development.

Project Anando is one of these organizations. It works to reinstate and sustain school dropouts, and equip the youth with the skills they need to thrive in society. Project Jagruti, which is a project of the Foundation, supports rural development by providing skills and livelihood training, healthcare and conservation, as well as assisting the environment.

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