The organization is able to effectively carry out its activities the organization with the help of its volunteers, staff and cooperate with other Government. and Non-Government agencies for development to provide welfare services for women and men or children and youth. to promote the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms and to promote the rights of Rights to Survival, Right to Live, Rights to Education, Health and Nutrition, To promote economic growth and social development,


To create Krishi Vigyan Kendra, To create a Watershed Area, Performing Reclamation of soil, conservation, and to conduct Tree Plantation Programmes , and to increase awareness about Vermi-culture and herbal plants and medicinal plants. To implement the various plans under the National Horticulture Board, To build a Green House, To establish programs for floral cultivation, to implement diverse Agricultural programs for training, such as Cultivation, Mushrooms, Fisheries Piggery, Poultry agriculture, Vermi cultural, create awareness campaigns for farmers working in the field of Agriculture. to provide the necessary training and to set up fuel stations.

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