CAPADA Members

The Members of CAPADA Foundation

CAPADA Members

The CAPADA network is composed of active members in humanitarian aid India. These members are active in different sectors of humanitarian aid (food and nutrition, health, water and sanitation, shelter, aid to internally displaced people etc) in all states affected by natural disasters, conflicts and emergency situations.

United in value. Different in size and origins, the member organisations share similar core values and strive:

  • To save lives and prevent suffering
  • To respond swiftly and timely to humanitarian crises
  • To access the most vulnerable groups
  • To base their interventions on the international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles, such as impartiality and independence
  • To follow the relevant codes of conduct and best practices
  • To have high quality standards of professionalism and expertise
  • To have a participative approach with their local partners in the regions of intervention
  • To view the emergency intervention in the light of future sustainable recovery and development

CAPADA membership is open to all individuals.