The Secretariat

The Secretariat of CAPADA Foundation

The Secretariat

The CAPADA Secretariat is in charge of implementing all the activities related to the CAPADA Annual Work Programme – in line with the Strategic Objectives. It is also in charge of the financial management of the association, under supervision and general control of the CAPADA Board of Directors.

The core staff of the CAPADA Secretariat comprises the Director,  Communication and Advocacy Officer, and Administration Officer. Recently a Programme Coordinator has been added to the team.  During the year, the team is supported by interns.

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The financial independency of the network is of high importance to CAPADA members and the credibility of its advocacy work.

This independency is guaranteed by the contributions (membership fees) of its members and Institutes which make up the majority of CAPADA’s annual budget. Costs are also covered through other sources.