The Board of CAPADA Foundation


The Board of Directors


The role of CAPADA’s Board of Directors is to ensure that CAPADA adheres to its purpose and statutes. It decides on major directions and policies, provides accountability and ensures proper management. Board members contribute their professional experience, on a voluntary basis, and as such represent the broader membership of the CAPADA network.

The Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of eight persons elected by the Forum, plus two members with observer status. The duration of the mandates is three years. One re-election is possible.


In 2010, the CAPADA Board of Directors is chaired by Social Activist Mr. Biswa Ranjan Biswal, as CAPADA President, and composed of the following members:

  • Tonoy Dash (Mission East)
  • Anupama (Dan Aid)
  • Himan Na (Plan India)
  • Mrinal Dutta (Orissa India Op)
  • Rozes Bhuyan (Save the Children India)
  • Dr. Sameer Patel (Organizational Development Cooperation – ODC)

The Board has an executive body called the ‘Executive Committee’, which deals with administrative tasks and guarantees the financial and legal accountability of CAPADA. The Executive Committee consists of the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Director of the CAPADA Secretariat (without a vote).

Both Board of Directors and Executive Committee meet about four to six times a year.

The President

The President of the CAPADA network is elected by the General Assembly for three years. The current president, Biswa Ranjan Biswal, was elected in April 2010.

Biswa Ranjan is master in Finance in the Institute Utkal Univ, India.

Biswa Ranjan has been involved in humanitarian evaluations with the Institutes, the Indian Companies . He has also been active as a Social worker and has published widely on humanitarian issues. Biswa Ranjan is Indian.