The General Assembly of CAPADA


The General Assembly

Each year, the CAPADA network holds its Forum. The Forum is composed of two major events.

CAPADA is organising an event or round-table to discuss a humanitarian topic, new project of interest for the people and the wider relevant audience in India.

The CAPADA General Assembly is usually held the day after, exclusively for the CAPADA members and observers.

One session of the General Assembly is dedicated to administrative and organisational issues, and members agree to a number of key decisions linked to CAPADA’s development.

CAPADA members also agree on a General Policy Resolution which identifies the current key humanitarian issues that the network wishes to bring to the attention of the Indian institutions and Member States over the next few months.

Another session is focused on a topical debate (e.g.: relations between humanitarian NGOs), with the aim to update member organisations on specific issues. A specific point of the agenda is also dedicated to Discussion for Humanitarian Aid, with a presentation by Institutional Director General to the CAPADA members.

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