Call for a change !

  India is a savage country. It is a country where people make extremely expensive houses and where millions are homeless, living on streets and dilapidating thatched houses. It is country with highest demand for expensive cars and where millions do not have access to cycles. It is country where millions of children attend schools which do not have toilets and teachers. A country where 30% of the population does not have two square meals a day but the leaders are the richest in the world. It is a very old civilization where the justice system – the judiciary and police are extremely corrupt. Justice is a saleable item but expensive. It is a nation where millions do not have two pairs of proper dresses. It is a place where people do not have portable water and they die because of cholera but expensive wine sells plenty.

          It is a country with more than 1100 million people where the citizens choose rouges and buffoons to rule them. A country where, when the leaders move thousands of hangers-on move behind them and block the roads. Even people die on the roads when the leaders move on it. A country where the leader has to surrender all his ego ,private life and personality to the superior to get a scope in politics. Some leaders look for sex from the wives of leaders to give them a lift. Most leaders fall on the feet of the chieftains to get party tickets and positions. Absolute surrendering of ego and humility to the political chieftains is expected from the leaders. In turn the leaders also behave life Gods when they meet the citizens.

          It is a country where the natural resources like minerals are used for increasing incomes of the powerful business and political families. It is a country where every policeman is moving with a bowl.

          Some states like Odisha are worse. It is place of poor people and rich natural resources. Its human development index is a matter of shame. Even in India it is looked down upon  as a place of poverty and destitution. Its leaders are invisible in national politics. At least 20000 crore of minerals are explored every year for the benefit of a few families. The peace loving Odias have been humiliated and suppressed since mid nineteenth century to appear to be effeminate. The intelligent Odias are serving the exploiters with pleasure and exposed teeth for petty benefits.

          It is high time that sensible people must join politics. It is true that most of the visible parties are strengthening the dirty system. Hence new political forums and parties must be formed. Political persons shall be expected to change the culture and attitude of the people, infrastructure and economy of the land .They should be people with knowledge, wisdom, self respect, humility, egalitarian and simplicity.

*The powerful and sensible people with political limitations should support and nurture such political actions.*

*Change is happening in many places of the world. It shall happen here.*

Amennnnnnnnn !