Global warming: Precations before it is too late.

      In many areas, people are changing the earth and causing great harm through pollution. Forests are cut down to produce farmland. But in some places, besides man made havoc, rain and water make newly exposed soil thin causing soil erosion and rendering the soil infertile.

           Factories, vehicles and homes burn fuels that release gases into the air. The so called greenhouse gases trap heat. They cause global warming and change world climates. We see the seasonal Imbalance & don’t sense the creativity of the nature. 
Whole world is now concerned about the effect of Global warning but we are doing as we see in a cigarette packet the message- its smoking is injurious to health. But it impacts less & popularizes many. So we see & say many things about global warning. NGOs .INGOs, Govt. in different counties have seriously concerned about it & doing awareness for the society but it seems futile without any serious steps.

           We all know Air pollution occurs when gases such as Carbon dioxide are emitted into the air by factories, homes and offices. Vehicles also cause air pollution, which produces city sponges, acid rain & global warming. Pollution of rivers also affects people and environment. When factories pump poisonous wastes into rivers, the creature’s life in the river become miserable. We eat fish catching from river & indirectly eating Poison.  

           Global warming has its worst effect on islands nations. The Netherlands is a flat country and about 2/5th of it is below sea level at high tide. It could affect the Netherlands. Increasingly stormy weather and rises in the sea level could cause massive flooding. Even coastal islands are low-laying. If global warming melts the world’s ice, then sea levels will rise. We are not saving & have sense the incidence of Flood several times.  Some countries are in such a position they could vanish under the waves.
There is another threat in deforestation. When at one end of the world, countries like Israel are turning barren deserts into cultivable farmland by irrigation in the other end we people are discussing more about the POSCO, VEDANTA & JINDAL in our State despite emphasizing on cultivation. 85% people of our country & state are depending upon Agriculture but emphasis is giving for rest 15% People which are really rich. So recently report shows rich are becoming rich & poor are becoming poor which outbalancing the society & indirectly inviting destruction. Many Industries are setting up in forest area by clearing up from the government, by giving money by violating the laws. In the other hand Rain forests are cut   down by loggers who want to sell valuable hardwoods. Land stripped bare of trees is exposed to the wind & rain, which cause soil erosion.

           We (the people) always think of money and not thinking of future. Also don’t care our future Generation. We felt unexpected heat which is intolerable to the mankind.
Unless we take serious and sincere steps to curb environmental pollution, chances of survival are very less to mankind.

           It is meant for Awareness to the People.