Workshops at CAPADA Foundation


The consultation process – NGOs

The regulations and responsibilities in between Humanitarian Aid and humanitarian organisations is came into force on 1st January 2010.

Conferences and Policy Roundtables

CAPADA is organising or involved in a variety of events, conferences and round tables. Some of these activities include developing positions related to humanitarian aid, as well as actions aimed at allowing the concerns of humanitarian aid NGOs to be taken into account.
These events are open to CAPADA members; a number are also open to the humanitarian community (NGOs) as well as to decision makers within Indian Institutions and donors .

 Events of:
  2010 – 2009


CAPADA event on “Dan,Kudapatana, Orissa”,  20 October 2010


More info will follow soon!

CAPADA ROUNDTABLE on “Future Challenges to Humanitarian Aid and NGOs”



CAPADA ROUNDTABLE on “Humanitarian NGOs in a Changing World”, Brussels, 15 March 2010

On the eve of its General Assembly, CAPADA hosted a roundtable on “Humanitarian NGOs in a changing world:How do we adapt?”.

For more information on this roundtable, please click here

2. Charity with Rudraksha Gemstone Organization

Had the previledge to do chartity work with Ommrudraksha Rudraksha and Gemstone organization from bangalore

Rudraksha in bangalore shop and organization dealing with gemstones and Nepali rudraksha beads
Stronger Together – Once again Omm Rudraksha & Co. has stepped up to support children in need. Now available, theĀ  Stronger Studies and health mala and bracelet, a strong necklace with a powerful cause. Following up on our successful natural healing exhibition campaign that distribute the free items to needy.
This time, the event is small and they are raising awareness for the spiritual health.