How to join CAPADA

How to join CAPADA ?

CAPADA – Coalition Against Poverty And Disease Alleviation – is a network Indian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) active in humanitarian aid India. CAPADA seeks to influence the policy and practice of the Indian Union regarding emergency aid, relief, rehabilitation and disaster preparedness.

CAPADA members are the source of expertise, experience, and information from the field that informs what we do at the Indian Ground level. As a living network, our membership is an arena of professional relationships that benefit poor people in India, delivery of aid on the ground, and the member organisations themselves.

Benefits of being a CAPADA Member

  1. Advocating for independent humanitarian action
    CAPADA enhances the network’s Members’ collective influence with the Indian Union. It urges the respect of International Humanitarian Law and humanitarian principles, such as independence and impartiality. It continually highlights the added value of NGOs in humanitarian operations.  CAPADA collaborates with other humanitarian stakeholders, such as other NGO networks. It also liaises with universities, particularly with Utkal . Finally, it actively promotes greater support for humanitarian NGOs in Indian budgets.
  2. Focus on humanitarian aid in institutions
    In the humanitarian aid sector, CAPADA is the main NGO on humanitarian aid issues. CAPADA has a productive relationship with other NGO’s. CAPADA collaborates with Members of the Indian Parliament. Through CAPADA, Members gain the advantage of joint policy influence and dialogue.

  3. Members’ operational knowledge
    CAPADA members have a high level of expertise in all areas of humanitarian aid and are present in key areas of humanitarian crisis . The network consists of a wide range of humanitarian aid NGOs from throughout India. CAPADA draws on the strength and diversity of Indian NGOs, such as their specialisation, flexibility and field-presence including partnerships with local communities.
  4. Recognition of CAPADA’s expertise
    CAPADA is experienced and proficient in developing and implementing projects, to the benefit of its members and the wider range of Indian NGOs. CAPADA’s expertise has enabled it to successfully promote NGOs’ interests and concerns, such as food aid, capacity-building and funding.

  5. CAPADA Members’ collective action
    By developing advocacy strategies and policy positions, CAPADA facilitates its Members’ collective influence in Indian Union humanitarian policies. As a collective body, CAPADA can raise issues on behalf of its Members, and a common set of messages can be raised throughout India.
    CAPADA Working Groups focus on thematic issues of concern for Members. The CAPADA working groups on relations and disaster risk reduction bring together experts from Member organisations to advocate policies and practices. 
  6. Opportunities to network with other NGOs
    Member organisations have the opportunity to collaborate through the CAPADA General Assembly, CAPADA Working Groups, workshops and trainings, as well as policy roundtables. CAPADA provides a forum to exchange on different national realities for NGOs as well as to share good practices. CAPADA emphasises that community-building is important for building a stronger Indian NGO network.
  7. Commitment to quality
    CAPADA Members strive to have high quality standards of professionalism and expertise in their work on humanitarian response. The network is committed to promoting NGOs’ quality and professionalism and enhancing NGOs’ accountability and transparency in effective humanitarian response. To this end, CAPADA holds trainings and workshops on quality and project management tools. It also maintains links with NGO quality networks & initiatives, universities and research institutes.
  8. Frequent updates on issues and developments that matter to your organisation
    Through the CAPADA website with its members-only section, the Flash e-bulletin, and the biannual CAPADA Out Loud newsletter, CAPADA ensures that Member organisations remain up-to-date on developments in Indian Union policies concerning humanitarian aid.

Membership in CAPADA provides your organisation excellent opportunities to gain the attention of the Indian institutions, to stay well-informed regarding trends and developments in the Indian policies influencing humanitarian aid, and to get engaged in dialogue with other NGOs on specific policies and practice. Joining CAPADA is an important and advantageous step for your organisation, and your participation can make our CAPADA stronger.

For information on the process of becoming a member, please contact the Secretariat and request an affiliation package.